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10 Foods We Should Stock To Survive Emergency

A record-setting Blizzard hit the Northeastern part of the United States in 2016. Meter-high snow pile blocked the road and people were trapped at home. When they rushed to the nearby market to buy some food, they found that most of the food was sold out. This gives us an implication that we should buy and stock food in case of emergency. Here are 10 necessary foods we should stock to survive emergency.

1.Bottled Water

Expert recommends one to three gallons of water be stocked bya person for one day. Besides drinking, water will also be used in cooking and washing. So we may need more water than expected.


2.Bouillon Cube

Bouillon Cube is a dehydrated chicken or beef, which takes minimal space and can last about two years if stored well at room temperature. It can be used to add flavor to the soup when dissolved in boiling water.

3.Canned Food

Canned food like canned meat, vegetables and soups can usually stay fresh for two years and are ready-to-eat. Canned food can provide essential nutrients like vitamin and protein. But make sure to choose those cans with low-sodium because too much sodium will make us thirsty which is a bad thing in emergency.


4.Dried Fruits

Dried fruits can provide us with certain amount of potassium and fiber while we have no choice of fresh fruits. Also dried fruits have much longer storage life than the fresh ones.


5.Energy And Granola Bars

By the name of it, we can guess these portable snacks have lots of energy in them. Besides, they can also offer good nutrition like protein, good fats and carbohydrates.


6.Peanut Butter

Full of protein and good fats, peanut butter doesn’t need to be refrigerated unless indicated otherwise.


7.Whole-Grain Cereal

Whole-grain cereal can always make a perfect breakfast since it contains lots of nutrition and can save the trouble of cooking.


8.Whole-Wheat Crackers

Whole-wheat crackers with peanut butter can be a healthy and easy substitute for fresh bread. One thing to notify is that whole-wheat crackers have a shorter shelf life than their traditional counterparts.


9.Powdered Milk

As a good source of calcium and vitamin, powdered milk is an exception of most dairy products that needs refrigeration and have longer storage life.


10.Sports, Vitamins And Nutritional Drinks

The electrolytes and carbohydrates in sports drinks will help us rehydrate and replenish fluid when water is scarce. The nutrients in vitamins and nutritional drinks amount to a good treat of dinner, which will help us a lot in emergency.


Make sure to check the expiration date from time to time. It would be a big pity if we cannot eat them after they have stayed in our pantry for a year.