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10 Most Popular Beers In The World

We would always resort to beer when we feel down, thinking the alcohol would paralyze our mind and enable us to forget all the unhappy memories. Besides being drunk to ourselves alone, Beer is also a must-have in formal dinners, various parties, wedding ceremonies, etc. This article lists the most popular beer in every country, and hopefully it can give beer lovers some guidance.

1.Snow (China)

The top selling beer in the world is Snow, though it is mainly distributed in China. Strangely, most foreigners would choose Tsingtao beer rather than Snow, thinking the latter contains too little ABV.


2.Budweiser (U.S.)

Made with about 30% rice, hops and barley malt, Budweiser is a 5.0% ABV Adjunct pale lager. Budweiser was one of the few companies that survived the Prohibition.


3.Skol (Brazil)

Skol is the most popular beer in Brazil and has won two international awards since 2005, namely “World Quality Selections Gold Award”, and “Australian International Beer Award.”


4.Victoria Bitter (Australia)

Abbreviated as VB, Victoria Bitter is a smooth, crisp lager with 4.9% ABV. Given Australia's fondness of nicknames, the 375 mL cans are called “tinnies” and the 375 mL short-necked bottles are called “stubbies”, and the 750mL bottles are called “Tallies”.


5. Baltika (Russia)

Beer is the second favorite alcoholic beverage after Vodka, among which the most famous brand is Baltika. Baltika No.7 is the most popular one of all the Baltika varieties.


6.Heineken (Netherlands)

With 5.4% ABV, Heineken is a pale lager beer with the signature of a green bottle and a red star. The first European beer imported to the U.S. after prohibition was Heineken.


7.Corona (Mexico)

Corona is a pale lager with 4.4% ABV and made from barley malt, rice, hops, yeast, etc. Outside Mexico, a piece of lime or lemon is put in the neck of the Corona bottle to add its flavor.


8.Chang (Thailand)

Chang is a pale lager with about 5.5% ABV. Chang means elephant in Thai which is considered a cultural animal, so it has two elephants facing each other as its logo.


9.Brirra Moretti (Italy)

Brirra Moretti is a pale lager with 4.6% ABV bottled at 33cl and 66cl. It also has the Birra Moretti Zero, which is non-alcoholic drink for those who only wants to try the beer taste but not to get drunk.


10.Kingfisher (India)

As a pale lager with 6.0% ABV, Kingfisher is the most popular beer in India, and every Kingfisher beer bottle has a kingfisher bird on it.


Sometimes we should not only drink the recommended ones for they may not be to our taste. Try more until we find out what suits us best.