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About Us

We here at Dandy Kat are a group of food and nutrition enthusiasts! In what seems like the fast times of today, we realize it can be difficult to eat tasty, timely, nutritious, and affordable food. That is exactly why we created DandyKat.com!

As a team of nutrition lovers, we want you to enjoy your lives to the very fullest. In order to do that the body need energy! It is the mission of Dandy Kat to provide you with what you want (aka fast food menus, prices, locations and nutrition info) and also share what you could have (tasty, timely, affordable food that inspires your body, brain and soul with electric energy!).

We now know (based on study after study) that what we are eating in the USA is killing us. And it's hard to get out of that system and habit of eating! We are facing diabetes, and obesity epidemics in the country, as well as the ongoing battle with Cancer and other chronic ailments. It's our great desire to help transform this trend, giving you and anyone else a greater opportunity to live a life surging with robust health and electric energy.

And we acknowledge, it all starts with what we eat.

We pray that this information brings inspiration and levity into your life

- The Dandy Kat Team

"Food is Medicine" - Hippocrates (Also known as the "Father of Medicine")