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Eating Hamburgers At Train Station

Everyone has his or her answers to 'What is your favorite food?', 'What is your favorite place?'. If given the opportunity, we would choose to eat our favorite food at our favorite place without hesitation. Oddly enough, I have the fanatic love for eating hamburgers at train station though neither of them is my favorite.

Train station is a crowded place with stories, countless Hi and goodbyes. Sitting at train station observing gives me a glance of other people's life. It is like a flavor additive to my changeless life.


Walking into train station makes me feel I have got a goal ahead to achieve. Whether it is a business or tourism trip, there will always be a to-do list waiting at the destination. The process of crossing off the list may be upsetting, still it leaves something to expect while waiting at the train station.

The exclusive sound of the train leaving makes another perfect accompaniment for eating at the train station, which is like an irregular background chord unless you hate it.


There are different kinds of food for us to choose at the train station, so why hamburgers?

If you look around, you will always find one Burger King or McDonald‘s at the train station. The convenience of picking up one hamburger while hurrying to catch the train makes it the first choice most of the time.


Though we almost eat hamburgers every day, the big and seemingly extremely delicious hamburger at the train station will enable us to survive the whole train trip and leave just enough room to taste the local specialty at the destination. It is always better to try something new rather than get fed up with the same delicious food.


Train station could be a perfect dining place if we want to get away from our same life routine. We can have a good treat of hamburgers while watching passers-by hurrying to start a new chapter of their life at a different place. Eating hamburgers at the train station would be a unique and memorable experience.