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Auntie Anne's Menu and Prices


About Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's is an American pretzel shop chain. The chain has more than 1,500 locations around the world since it was founded in 1988. It serves pretzels, dips, beverages and more homemade baking mix. If you are looking for a new taste, Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets and new Sugar Plum Lemonade Mixer will be a good choice. Just think about the blend of two delectable substances, how could you stop drooling.

Original Pretzel & Soda Combo $5.79
Mini Pretzel Dogs & Frozen Lemonade Mixer Combo $7.59
Pepperoni Pretzel & Lemonade Mixer Combo $6.79
Pretzel Dog & Soda Combo $5.79
Sweet Almond Pretzel & Soda Combo $5.39
Pretzel Nuggets & Lemonade Mixer Combo $6.99
Specialty Pretzels
Pretzel Dog $3.39
Mini Pretzel Dog8 Pc.$3.99
Mini Pretzel Dog12 Pc.$4.99
Pepperoni Pretzel $3.49
Original Pretzel Nuggets $3.69
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets $3.69
Signature Pretzels
Original Pretzel $2.09
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel $2.99
Jalapeno Pretzel $2.99
Sweet Almond Pretzel $2.99
Sour Cream & Onion Pretzel $2.99
Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Pretzel $2.99
Raisin Pretzel $2.99
Melted Cheese Dip $0.79
Caramel Dip $0.71
Cheese Dip $0.71
Hot Salsa Cheese Dip $0.71
Light Cream Cheese Dip $0.71
Marinara Dip $0.71
Sweet Glaze Dip $0.71
Sweet Mustard Dip $0.71
Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry & Peach)Regular$2.59
Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry & Peach)Large$2.79
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango & Strawberry)Regular$2.89
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango & Strawberry)Large$2.99
Old Fashioned LemonadeRegular$2.19
Old Fashioned LemonadeLarge$2.39
Coca-Cola ProductsRegular$1.69
Coca-Cola ProductsLarge$1.99
Coca-Cola ProductsBottle$1.89