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Jimmy John's Menu and Prices


About Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's is a franchised sandwich restaurants chain founded in 1983. The company specializes in delivery. Its menu consists of plain slims; eight-second sub sandwiches, giant club sandwiches as well as the JJ Gargantuan. Others include sides and drinks.

8' Sub Sandwiches
Pepe8 in.$5.50
Big John8 in.$5.50
Totally Tuna8 in.$5.50
Turkey Tom8 in.$5.50
Vito8 in.$5.50
Vegetarian8 in.$5.50
J.J.B.L.T8 in.$5.50
Plain Slims
Ham & Cheese8 in.$4.00
Roast Beef8 in.$4.00
Tuna Salad8 in.$4.00
Turkey Breast8 in.$4.00
Salami, Capicola, Cheese8 in.$4.00
Double Provolone8 in.$4.00
Giant Club Sandwiches
Gourmet Smoked Ham Club8 in.$6.50
Billy Club8 in.$6.50
Italian Night Club8 in.$6.50
Hunter's Club8 in.$6.50
Country Club8 in.$6.50
Beach Club8 in.$6.50
Gourmet Veggie Club8 in.$6.50
Bootlegger Club8 in.$6.50
Club Tuna8 in.$6.50
Club Lulu8 in.$6.50
Ultimate Porker8 in.$6.50
Other Sub Sandwiches
The J.J. Gargantuan8 in.$8.50
Sides & Drinks
Soft DrinkRegular$1.39
Soft DrinkLarge$1.59
Dasani WaterBottle$1.25
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.50
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie $1.50
Real Potato Chips $1.25
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle $1.25
Party Platters
5 Sandwiches Platter15 Pc.$28.50
10 Sandwiches Platter30 Pc.$56.00
Party Subs
Party Sub2 ft.$40.00
Party Sub4 ft.$75.00
Party Sub6 ft.$110.00
Party Sides
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray12 Pc.$18.00
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray12 Pc.$18.00
Six Of Each Cookie Tray12 Pc.$18.00
Jumbo Kosher Dill PickleBucket$5.00