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Marble Slab Creamery Menu and Prices


About Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery is a chain of independently owned and operated franchised stores founded in 1983. It features homemade ice cream and a variety of other desserts. Its menu consists of different flavors of ice cream, sorbet, cakes as well as low-fat yogurt.

Sweet Innovations
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie OverloadSmall 6' Round$28.99
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie OverloadMedium 8' Round$32.99
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie OverloadLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Chocolate Rocky Road BrownieSmall 6' Round$28.99
Chocolate Rocky Road BrownieMedium 8' Round$32.99
Chocolate Rocky Road BrownieLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Cookie Jar ChaosSmall 6' Round$28.99
Cookie Jar ChaosMedium 8' Round$32.99
Cookie Jar ChaosLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Snickers Snackers SnuckersSmall 6' Round$28.99
Snickers Snackers SnuckersMedium 8' Round$32.99
Snickers Snackers SnuckersLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Savannah Banana FudgeSmall 6' Round$28.99
Savannah Banana FudgeMedium 8' Round$32.99
Savannah Banana FudgeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Mint Chocolate MeltdownSmall 6' Round$28.99
Mint Chocolate MeltdownMedium 8' Round$32.99
Mint Chocolate MeltdownLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Mocha Cappuccino FudgeSmall 6' Round$28.99
Mocha Cappuccino FudgeMedium 8' Round$32.99
Mocha Cappuccino FudgeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Raving Craving SprinkleSmall 6' Round$28.99
Raving Craving SprinkleMedium 8' Round$32.99
Raving Craving SprinkleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Visit To The Candy ShoppeSmall 6' Round$28.99
Visit To The Candy ShoppeMedium 8' Round$32.99
Visit To The Candy ShoppeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Strawberry ShortcakeSmall 6' Round$28.99
Strawberry ShortcakeMedium 8' Round$32.99
Strawberry ShortcakeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
The Classics
Chocolate HeavenSmall 6' Round$28.99
Chocolate HeavenMedium 8' Round$32.99
Chocolate HeavenLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
SprinkleSmall 6' Round$28.99
SprinkleMedium 8' Round$32.99
SprinkleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Cotton Candy CarnivalSmall 6' Round$28.99
Cotton Candy CarnivalMedium 8' Round$32.99
Cotton Candy CarnivalLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Birthday Cake Cookie FudgeSmall 6' Round$28.99
Birthday Cake Cookie FudgeMedium 8' Round$32.99
Birthday Cake Cookie FudgeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Pecan PerfectionSmall 6' Round$28.99
Pecan PerfectionMedium 8' Round$32.99
Pecan PerfectionLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Caramel DrizzleSmall 6' Round$28.99
Caramel DrizzleMedium 8' Round$32.99
Caramel DrizzleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
TurtleSmall 6' Round$28.99
TurtleMedium 8' Round$32.99
TurtleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Classic Cookies N' CreamSmall 6' Round$28.99
Classic Cookies N' CreamMedium 8' Round$32.99
Classic Cookies N' CreamLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Maggie's MudSmall 6' Round$28.99
Maggie's MudMedium 8' Round$32.99
Maggie's MudLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Holiday/Party Cakes
Valentine's Heart8'$19.99
Mother's Day Polka DotSmall 6' Round$28.99
Mother's Day Polka DotMedium 8' Round$32.99
Mother's Day Polka DotLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
GiftSmall 6' Round$28.99
GiftMedium 8' Round$32.99
GiftLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Father's Day ArgyleSmall 6' Round$28.99
Father's Day ArgyleMedium 8' Round$32.99
Father's Day ArgyleLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Graduation CapSmall 6' Round$28.99
Graduation CapMedium 8' Round$32.99
Graduation CapLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Create Your Own Cake
Create Your Own CakeSmall 6' Round$28.99
Create Your Own CakeMedium 8' Round$32.99
Create Your Own CakeLarge 1/4 Sheet$46.99
Classic Cupcakes
Classic Ice Cream Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Classic Ice Cream Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Chocolate Heaven Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Chocolate Heaven Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Cotton Candy Carnival Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Sprinkle Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Sprinkle Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Birthday Cake Cookie Fudge Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Sno-Cap Blush Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Sno-Cap Blush Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Cherry Chocolate Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Cherry Chocolate Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Cool Swirl Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Cool Swirl Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Specialty & Holiday Cupcakes
Basketball Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Basketball Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Football Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Football Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Heart Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Heart Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Flower Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Flower Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Sunflower Cupcake6 Pc.$12.99
Sunflower Cupcake12 Pc.$24.99
Ice Cream Pizzas
Supreme Pizza14'$24.99
Chocolate Lovers Pizza14'$22.99
Plain & Simple Pizza14'$19.99
Pints & Quarts
Hand-Packed Ice Cream, Yogurt or SorbetPint$4.99
Hand-Packed Ice Cream, Yogurt or SorbetQuart$7.99
StrawberriesHalf Dozen$9.99
Classic Pies
Pumpkin Pie $19.99
Butter Pecan Pie $19.99
Key Lime Pie $19.99
Spiral Candles24 Pc.$1.99
Crowd Pleaser
Crowd PleaserSmall$49.99
Crowd PleaserLarge$69.99