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Pita Pit Menu and Prices


About Pita Pit

Headquartered in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Pita Pit is a quick-service restaurant franchise serving pita sandwiches. Their menu mainly consists of sandwiches, cheese, salad bar like alfalfa sprouts, jalapenos, pineapples, and a selection of sauces and spreads like Caesar salad dressing and honey mustards.

Breakfast Pitas
Awakin with Bacon $6.39
Ham n' Eggs $6.39
Steak n' Eggs $6.39
Meat the Day $6.39
Morning Glory $6.39
Meat Pitas
Super Greek (Limited Time) $6.99
Chicken Caesar $6.59
Chicken Crave $6.59
Chicken Souvlaki $6.59
Chicken Breast $6.59
Buffalo Chicken $6.59
Prime Rib $6.59
The Local $6.59
Philly Steak $6.59
Turkey $6.59
Gyro $6.59
Club $6.59
B.L.T $6.59
Dagwood $6.59
Black Forest Ham $6.59
Tuna $6.59
Veggie Pitas
Falafel $6.19
Hummus $6.19
Spicy Black Bean $6.19
Feta Cheese $6.19
Cheddar Cheese $6.19
Provolone $6.19
Garden $6.19
Kids Pitas
Li'l Turkey $2.99
Li'l Ham $2.99
Li'l Hummus $2.99
Li'l Chicken $2.99
Quesapita $2.99
Pita & Dip $2.39
Chips $1.19
Soft DrinkBottle$2.29
Apple JuiceBottle$1.95
Vitamin Water ReviveBottle$2.29
Vitamin Water Power CBottle$2.29
Smoothie (Banana Very Berry, Mango Tango, Berry go Round or Blu Bayou)Medium$4.29