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Sub Zero Ice Cream Menu and Prices


About Sub Zero Ice Cream

The idea of starting Sub Zero Ice Cream is to make customisable desserts. They developed the technique of liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream. Customers can choose from numerous toppings, flavours and milk to create their own dessert, shakes, smoothies, and pies. Now they have business operations in the United States, China, United Arab Emirates and more countries.

Frozen Yogurt
Frozen Yogurt 1 oz. $0.39
Premium Old Fashion Ice Cream
Ice Cream Single $2.49
Ice Cream Double $3.69
Ice Cream Triple $4.79
Ice Cream Pint $5.79
Soft Serve Ice Cream
Ice Cream Small $1.69
Ice Cream Large $1.99
Toppings   $0.50
Waffle Cone   $1.00
Energy Boost   $0.50
Hand Spun Milkshakes
Milkshake Regular $3.69
Milkshake Large $4.79
Milkshake Specialty $5.99
Refreshing Smoothies
Smoothie Regular $3.69
Smoothie Large $4.49
Water   $1.25
Soda   $1.25