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Subway Store Catering Menu and Prices


About Subway Store Catering

Primarily selling submarine sandwiches(subs) and salads, Subway is an American fast food restaurant. By December 31, 2015, Subway has 44,601 restaurants in 111 countries. Besides sandwiches and salads, Subway also offers wraps, baked goods like cookies, doughnuts and muffins.

Giant Subs
Giant Sub3 ft.$48.00
Giant Sub6 ft.$96.00
Giant Sub9 ft.$144.00
Giant Sub12 ft.$192.00
Giant Sub15 ft.$240.00
Giant Sub18 ft.$288.00
Giant Sub21 ft.$336.00
Giant Sub24 ft.$384.00
Giant Sub27 ft.$432.00
Sandwich Platters
Classic Combo Platter $38.00
Customize Your Own Platter $38.00
Flavor Craver Platter $38.00
Subway Fresh Fit Platter $38.00
Toppings Platter $10.00
Specialty Items
SUBWAY TO GO! Meal6 in.$6.50
SUBWAY TO GO! Meal12 in.$8.50
Side Items
Chips $1.10
Apple Slices $1.50
Cookies12 Pc.$6.00
Cookie Platter $18.00