Up to Date Fast Food Menus


Long John's Menu Review

Trista K. Best, MPH, RD, LDN

Who doesn't enjoy eating out? Fast food provides something for the whole family; an easy meal for mom on a busy week night, a cheap meal for dad focused on budget control, and an opportunity for the children to enjoy the not-so-healthy foods that aren't available in the home kitchen. Unfortunately, these conveniences are taken advantage of at a rate that has put Americans at a high risk for many chronic (and some acute) diseases. There is a way to give your body the nutrients it needs without risking your health in the long run!

Long John Silver's was founded in 1969 in Lexington, Kentucky. From its beginning Long John Silver's desired to bring exceptional seafood to consumers across the U.S. The downside is that most of the restaurants menu items have historically been battered and fried, that was until the Affordable Care Act. It is not commonly known that the initiation of the Affordable Care Act required restaurants with over 20 chains to list calorie counts on their menu items and make additional nutrition information available upon request.

This charge to hold restaurants more accountable to nutrient quality has ushered in a new focus on providing healthy options by restaurants. Long John's Silver's has rose to the occasion as well and now offers baked and grilled menu items for those desiring to make healthier choices.

The question is; will you make the healthy choice? It is tempting when going out to eat to skip over the salad and “lighter fare” portion of the menu and go straight for the guilty indulgences that brought you there. Sure, life is short, eat the fried chicken occasionally. But, the problem with health arises from the chronic decisions to give in to the temptations of calorie dense and nutritionally lacking foods. These foods lead to chronic inflammation, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure, and overall poor quality of health.

Long John Silvers offers baked meals that come in two different flavor options; Sweet and Zesty Asian or Creamy Garlic Butter. Baked Shrimp or Baked Cod are the two baked menu options and come with two hushpuppies, green beans, corn, and rice.

Overall these meals are packed with nutrient dense foods. The consumer is avoiding the excess saturated and trans-fats form the fried menu options along with heavy carbohydrate consumption. While the rice, corn, and hushpuppies still add to the increase in carbohydrates and calories there is a bit of balance with the low carbohydrate green beans and baked seafood options.

For those looking to add low calorie and nutrient dense variety to their fast food selections, Long John Silvers menu has broccoli, Cole slaw, and green beans available.